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Psychologist, Author and Science Promotor

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Psychologist, Author and Science Promotor

I am a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), holding postgraduate degrees in psychology, social science research methods and education, from the University of Northampton and Sheffield Hallam University. I have a long time association with the University of Northampton, and am based there as a lecturer in psychology, delivering classes and conducting research on Death and Bereavement, Positive Psychology, Human Sexual Behaviour, Parapsychology, and Research Methods.

About Me

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I’m a member of organisations such as the  Society for Psychical Research (sitting on its Council and on the Survival Research Committee), a Professional Member of the Parapsychological Association, a Hope Studies Research Affiliate (University of Alberta), and of the research groups ‘Health Education and Behaviour Change’ and ‘Exceptional Experiences and Consciousness Studies’ (EECS) at the University of Northampton. I am also on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Forever Family Foundation, and for the Windbridge Research Center. I have received numerous grants and awards for my work and research including the Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship (Parapsychology Foundation, 2009), the Alex Tanous Scholarship Award (Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research, numerous), the Gertrude R. Schmeidler Award (Parapsychological Association, 2014). In 2018, I was recognised for Excellence in Skeptical Activism and became shortlisted for the Ockham’s Razor Award for such work (The Skeptic Magazine and QEDcon, 2018).


My main research has focused around bereavement and recovery, interlinked with applied positive psychology. This has involved numerous extensive interviews with the bereaved to further understand the process of loss and coping, and sense of presence experiences and related phenomena within that context. I have also been noted for my work on altered states of consciousness, having spent a lot of time in the past few years working with floatation tanks and sensory deprivation. Throughout my time in research, I have travelled the world promoting science and the scientific method, as well as encouraging a sceptical approach to claims of exceptional human experiences.


I am the author of various research papers and book chapters, and have also authored and co-edited several books. Please visit my amazon author page or click the books below.

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